About Me



I was a "big" girl my whole life. I struggled with my weight, with my body not letting me do the things I loved. After high school, a friend of mine asked me to go to a class with her at the gym. I did not want to go but did it anyway. I loved it, even though I was overweight. I felt like I was dying, my knees hurt, I couldn't breathe, I was red like a tomato, but it was at that point I realized I could change my life and I don't have to continue pretending I am happy in my skin I can mold my body and be truly happy. We kept going to classes, and I then became more invested in my journey, cleaned up my diet did crazy amounts of health/nutrition/exercise research on how to better myself and managed to lose 97lbs as seen in the picture above. Not only was I losing weight, but I was also gaining newfound happiness, and it had nothing to do with the scale. I was not exhausted all the time was no longer wasting my days in front of the tv eating junk, I was getting out with friends being active going shopping to realize I can find clothes that fit and I was not quickly drained from a day of walking at the mall, I was thrilled. My overall health got better, my eye doctor told me my vision was improving (I did not even know eyesight could be affected by my weight/health), and my asthma had drastically improved. Asthma was always an excuse for me "I cannot run today because my asthma is terrible "but getting healthy was one of the best things I could have done to improve my asthma, I no longer need my inhaler for walking up a flight of stairs or for basic daily tasks. I got my ISSA personal trainer certification because I want to help others find their full potential, I want people to know that the journey is worth the struggle and it's worth pushing past the barriers we always think we cannot. I found happiness, and I want to help others find it also.  We are all capable of greatness! 

I am currently working on my fitness nutrition certification so I can better expand my knowledge and help as many people as I can feel healthy and happy in their bodies. If I can help even just one person achieve their goals and watch/help them grow, it makes my career more than worth it.

"this is a journey, not a sprint " 

"we are all capable of greatness " 

"Strive for progress not perfection"

"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started."